Creative Interlude Feature: Jeff Lane

Published on October 12, 2015

This Week we feature Writer, and Upcoming Film Maker – Jeff Lane. Currently working on a film project, he is reaching out to the #CreativeMondays community and members of goodwill who would be keen to support this creative project. In this pitch video, he shared more about this project, am sure it will inspire you in your journey as well. 

About me

I am a writer (novels, screenplays) of speculative fiction. I produce my works as eBooks and serialized podcast audio books.  I love getting my stories and words out to the world in whatever way that I can.  Just recently I have moved into the world of film-making.  My time travel novel ONE WAY is being adapted for the screen with shooting set to begin in England toward the end of October.

On the concept of Creativity and Creative Mondays…

I couldn’t live without being creative. Even when I am not writing, I’m day dreaming or imagining stories in my head.  And when I’m not doing that, I’m marveling at other people’s creativity; movies, TV, books, music.  I think it is extremely important for everyone to exercise those creative muscles in whatever way works for them.

I think Creative Mondays is a fantastic concept.  In this world we are swimming in creative products… we are bombarded with them from all directions in all mediums.  It is great to have a place to go that highlights what is out there and lets people decide for themselves if they have found their new “favorite” thing… or at least are willing to take a look.

My creative work and passion

I currently have three novels available (This Paper World, This Burning World and ONE WAY) as well as a novella and some short stories if you know where to look. I create because I have to.  In high school and college I wanted to be a filmmaker. 

Life and circumstances happened and making films was not in the cards for me, but I still had to tell stories, so I turned to the only canvas I had; my keyboard and a blank word document.  

Now I am working on the ONE WAY film adaptation (so I guess I did get to be a filmmaker after… sort of) as well as writing my fourth novel, a Christmas tale in the tradition of Dickens called The Three Scrooges. 

Sources of inspiration and target audience

My sources of inspiration are other great writers and creators; Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Anne Rice. I love great films and TV like Back To The Future, Star Wars, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Lost… the more geeky and action packed, the better.

 My target audience really is ME.
I know that sounds weird, but I have to create something that I would like… no love, first and foremost.  

If I don’t love it, than how will anyone else.  If I am satisfied, I just have to trust that there are other like-minded people out there that would like it too.

Upcoming projects and call for support

We are currently running an Indiegogo campaign to fund the budget for the filming of ONE WAY. We really need financial backers and people to spread the word (hopefully both!).

You can see the cast and crew and get all the details about this great “time travel tale with heart” at

If you can, please, PLEASE donate.  This movie will not disappoint.


Twitter: @WorldOfJeffLane