Creative Mondays Feature #22: Kayton Kimberly

Published on September 28, 2015

Meet Kayton Kimberly, Author, Screenwriter and Entrepreneur;  an all jolly, inspiring and positive minded member of #CreativeMondays who is passionate about creativity and seeing others live a purposeful life.

Kayton Kimberly, an American Author, Screenwriter and Entrepreneur. From humble beginnings in Florida writing has always seem to come naturally. During grade school Kayton was drawn to all things creative including art classes as well as starring in a few plays, high school brought about Creative Writing classes where his first works of poetry were published and considered  

at regional writing contests but  the fame of recognition went to other writers, a fact that made at the experience of being nominated more appreciative than actually winning.

Kayton turned his passion into writing after years of spending time in the Repossession/Collateral Recovery Industries…or being what many call a real life REPO-MAN.

His first book Repossess Your Life! 5 Steps for  Creating a Lifetime of Success dispels the myths that success is reserved for merely the fortunate. He breaks down the walls of mystery and gives readers a simple 5 step /5 day plan of action that attracts success on virtually any level a reader wants. It was from that book Kayton has had an ever growing presence in social media with Twitter (@ therepoguy) being his favorite avenue of communication with fans of his work.

He continues to consult with many Fortune 500 companies in areas of personal development for employees as well as with movie and television industries when it comes to capturing the “real world” of car repossessions.

Kayton has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Professional Repossessor Magazine, the Huffington Post, as well as on air guest of The Dolans Financial Hour, Tan Talk Radio (@RocketSportsEnt) and other local and nationally syndicated radio shows.

Currently Kayton is working on a variety of screenplays with one currently in talks for becoming a major motion picture.  Feel free to follow him @therepoguy or email


Thanks again to #CreativeMondays and @Timitude for all their ongoing support to creative artists in all genres.