Feature of The Week: Timmy Fenning!

Published on July 13, 2015

Meet Timmy Fenning famously known as PoemsAndBowTies, he is one of our most active #CreativeMondays Community members. I’m sure you will be greatly inspired by his creative journey and self-expression

For some reason, as a 12 year-old boy with more access to a computer, I began to write poetry on it. For some reason, in high school, I really wanted to wear bow ties to the proms instead of boring neckties. My name is Timmy Fenning and I am PoemsAndBowTies.

The idea for PoemsAndBowTies came to me within the first year of graduating from Penn State. I struggled a bit to get on my feet through a failed business venture and while looking for a job, I made my first YouTube videos. While the poetry was fine, my performance and the quality of the videos were poor so I took them down in the efforts to improve. After flirtations with other jobs, I started my Twitter handle, @PoemsAndBowTies in June 2014. Right away, I was very excited about it. I quickly caught on to the community of writers on Twitter and have been hooked ever since.

What started as an experiment to get my words out into the world and find a platform to release my voice from, became a journey of building relationships with amazing new friends. From starting a hectic polygamy love circle to being a part of Neverlasting and Creative Mondays, I know this has been embedded into my soul as a part of my being.

I first heard of Creative Mondays when my friend, EntiretyInBits, was featured one week. I immediately wanted to be a part of this community. I requested to be involved and it has been fun every week to meet others, not only from the writing community, but from a whole host of creative communities that offer different perspectives on life.

Another great adventure for me was being published for the first time. Another friend of mine, Nina Loard, started a project to publish a collection of poems from Twitter poets. I wanted in. The project was about the dark side of love, so I mistook the intentions and submitted three horror poems. Nina reached out to me and squeezed out a pretty good science love poem from me to put in the collection. To be published was thrilling because it showed me that my words truly are wanted by others.

Some other things I am involved with include my prompt, SpeakPoetry which is supposed to promote spoken word on Twitter. Most people don’t submit audio but it has been fun to coerce people into writing different types of poetry. This summer, I plan to release the first videos for Season 1 of PoemsAndBowTies on YouTube, where I perform my poetry on film. I am also striving towards finishing the first draft of my first novel by the end of the year! I am excited that there are a group of people out there who truly enjoy my words and this has made me passionate to share more.

I think something that makes me stand out on Twitter is my lack of erotica and love poems. There are some great poets on here that do that and I do dabble occasionally but my poetry usually consists of horror, comedy, inspiration, and science. The reason I like writing is to explore my own emotions. It is one of the only means for me to escape my stoic mind and explore my heart. I love the adventure that I put myself through when I write. Whether that adventure consists of horror or comedy, it doesn’t matter because it feels nice to feel something. And I think that is why I connect with others, because I do make them feel something and it is important for people to feel something different.