Feature of The Week: Irene Helenowski

Published on June 30, 2015

This week we feature Scientist-Researcher and Creative, Irene Helenowski, a vibrant member of the #CreativeMondays Community. Be inspired by her unique take and insights on Creativity.

My name is Irene Helenowski and I am a biostatistician at Northwestern University, collaborating with different medical researchers and providing them with the statistical guidance and analyses necessary for their projects.  I also like to write.  In fact, after I completed my dissertation at University of Illinois – Chicago.  I still felt the need to write something so I began my Order of The Dimensions trilogy.  It is totally different from what I do at my day job and yet I think it still conveys my love of science (instilled in me by my parents), as it centers around a group of physicists trying to save the world and all its dimensions from the devious Anton Zelov.  In promoting my books, I crossed paths with @Timitude who introduced me to the #CreativeMondays series.

I like the idea of #CreativeMondays, as it is another wonderful outlet for writers, artists, and musicians to showcase their work.  In this age of social media, any help that aspiring artists can get is very much appreciated and the Creative Mondays blog is an asset for helping others get exposure and allowing them to network with people of similar interests.

I likewise view it as an avenue to share my inspirations, such as my interest in the theories behind the multiverse, as proposed by Dr. Michio Kaku, Brian Greene, and Lisa Randall.  The concept of the multiverse just appeals to me as I often wonder if my family, friends, and I are truly living different lives in other worlds that may exist.  But what is next for me in this dimension?  I’m not sure, although I did start a fairy tale and try to exercise my writing though poetry at least.  For now, I just thank @Timitude and the #CreativeMondays community for giving me this opportunity to share a little of my work with all of you.