Feature of The Week: Tortured Cyclone!

Published on May 25, 2015

Meet @TorturdCyclone…. one of our most vibrant #CreativeMondays Community Members and active Twitterati with unmatched love and passion for writing… Tenacity, Versatility and Richness of Expression is what you will encounter in this Episode. I’m sure you will be inspired to Create and crawl out of any excuses that may have held you so long….

Welcome!  Here lies the eye of paradox between responsibility and hearts’ desire, the virtual world and real life, impulsive intuition and wisdom. I call this place The Eye of the Storm.

My life balances on a razor’s edge, juggling the myriad responsibilities of a family man who is the primary breadwinner and part-time caregiver for his disabled wife, the trials and tribulations of launching my writing career on the side. Being pulled in contradictory directions by these tangential forces, The Eye is the intuitive balance point, where the forces cancel themselves out, and a precarious equilibrium can be maintained within the vertigo.

The Eye is the wellspring of my creativity, flowing for most of my life. I have been active artistically from a young age – having my first singing performance at age 7 at school, and my first story and poems written at ages 9 and 10 respectively. I polished my gifts for performing and storytelling through high school and college and into adult life through table-top RPG gaming and 3 years of college, continuing to write poetry, as I started into professional life.

At thirty, I discovered the genre of fanfiction, and started writing under the pseudonym of TacomaSquall. After a few years, marriage and children took my focus away from writing, and I set my ambitions as a writer on the back burner, continuing to write poetry as an outlet, but with no real hope of publishing or making a go of it.

That all changed in the fall of 2013, when I discovered the writing community on Twitter after some major upheavals in my life. Here, I found like-minded artists to support and inspire, and push my growth as a creative, including the people here at Creative Mondays. With the help of the Twitter community and the writing prompts therein, I developed my voice as both an observer-poet and emotional storyteller, using the pseudonym of Tortured Cyclone. I have quickly established myself as one of the most prolific poets within the community.

I believe a good poet should be able to write about anything, so my body of work is broad in subject matter, but my name is most associated with romantic and erotic poetry, and with the genre of haiku.


My poetry has appeared in both “The Wood Knots” (released by Fray’d Tag Publishing in 2014) and “Neverlasting” (released February 2015 by Fiery Verse LLC). My work will also appear in a forthcoming collection of erotic verse produced by the Uink.ca website.

My first collection of poems, “Dog and Fox, and Other Musings” is in the formatting stages and should be coming out in eBook format soon. I am also exploring other formats for this collection of over 90 haiku. Further poetic compilations taken from both longer work and Twitter posts are in the early stages of planning. Additionally, I have launched an archive of past fan-fiction and begun writing new fan-fic material for the first time in several years.

At the same time, I am working on short stories, and my first original novel, “Twilight’s Opening”. Before “Twilight’s Opening” is complete, I plan to release an anthology of my completed short stories and teasers of forthcoming writing projects in eBook, possibly by the end of the year.

To give you a small taste of my body of work, here’s a sampling of it, including a poem from “Twilight’s Opening”.


Sunrise, shatters dark
just as life falls into death –
one spoke of the Wheel.



building within –

each sensation,

each touch,

each kiss,


the frenzy within

until it unleashes

passion’s tsunami


Chicago Nights

The wind comes off the lake

and into the city,

and with the night,

she comes again.


I never hear her coming,

suddenly, she’s just there.

with that smile that tells me

that tonight is just ours.


I loved her,

I lost her,

now when I see fire or feel the wind

I think of those lost Chicago nights.


Her hair was of spun gold,

her skin was ivory.

with the grace of a prima ballerina

and the mind of eternity.


When first I met her,

she said she was lost.

She clung to me like a victim

of shipwreck, aground tossed.


I loved her,

I lost her,

now when I see fire or feel the wind,

I think of our lost Chicago nights.


But one night she ran from me,

she said she had endangered me,

that she destroyed all she loved.

That night, afraid for her, I followed her home.


When I arrived there,

her house was afire.

I burst into the house too late,

her home became her funeral pyre.


I loved her,

I lost her,

now when I see fire or feel the wind

I think of those lost Chicago nights.


Years may pass, and life go on.

But when wind blows,

or fire roars,

my mind goes back to Chicago,

to a woman named Tatiane.


Twitter: http://torturdcyclone.twitter.com

Blogspot: http://torturedcyclone.blogspot.com

WordPress: http://tacomasquall.wordpresss.com

Uink: http://www.uink.ca