Feature of The Week: Melissa Hope!

Published on May 4, 2015

She is versatile and boneless, who could break into a dance so nimbly like that! Well she is one of our favourite people on #CreativeMondays; so passionate about the cause of creativity as you will discover in her unfiltered thoughts on what creativity means for her and her inspiration. I’m sure this will get your creative juices going… and yeah, the dancing, highly recommended. Yeah, dance away while at it!  

I’m supposed to tell you what I’m about, but at the present moment, the primary thing I’m about, is insomnia….also planning if only in that sweet spot in my head, someone’s “accidental” fall down an elevator shaft as Chopin plays and I sit and watch, gleefully nibbling dark chocolate covered strawberries, but that’s just my happy place at the moment, and if the police come asking, you didn’t hear a thing! *winks*


What has led me to this sleepless and homicidal state, are some of the other things I’m about- a tendency to love and care about others passionately and deeply, both humans and animals (though the animals have yet to steer me wrong!).  I’m obviously also about being an artist and creating things, both written and performance (singing, acting, and dance).  I may also be about sarcasm here and there (okay, everywhere!) and also a deeply ingrained Virgo perfectionism.  I’m actually about a lot of things, but it will make your head hurt, its part of why I have migraines!


My thoughts on creativity are that it can both save you from insanity, as an outlet, and drive you there, if it’s blocked or you’re not fulfilled with the channels you have available for it and you feel stymied.


As I’ve said, my creative work is not limited to writing.  To be completely honest, writing is not even my top priority or best creative outlet.  I’ve done a lot of it, ranging from theatrical journalism and P.R., to the poems you’ve seen here on Twitter, and I enjoy it and give it my all when I do it, however, the majority of my creative passion usually flows towards my performing, and is where I find the greatest fulfillment, with the writing sort of complimenting it and topping it off.


With my writing I can almost always do it, but have to be in the right frame of mind to want to and for it to serve as an outlet well for me.  With performing, I am always driven and in the mood to some degree and is always a beneficial outlet for me.  If I don’t write for a while, I miss it and maybe get antsy.  If I am not involved in performing to some degree I get listless and depressed.


Inspiration can vary… anything from the beats of a song for a dance, to a favorite musical or old MGM musical for choices of song material, to passing (or not so passing) sarcastic thoughts for a poem.

As for target audiences and who I create for – wow! – that really varies, depending on what form its art is taking, and the venue and or situation.

Obviously, for instance, if I was singing in a showcase or concert, and the choice of material was fully at my disposal, I’ll pick whatever moves me most at the moment and feel the most confident in at the time.  But if it’s for an audition, I’m going to tailor my choice for who is potentially hiring me and what show or role is like.  For acting, it would sort of take the same path with the audition of keeping a career trajectory in mind, but not being a slave to it – having the material or roles chosen and drawn to be the bigger priority, ideally anyway.  For instance, I want to do the show “Singin’ in the Rain”.  Career wise, it’s ideal to always try and land the lead if you can.  The lead in that show, Debbie Reynold’s role, is very nice and I wouldn’t snub it, I’m not an idiot.  However, my dream role (it’s actually a fixation.) is Lina LaMont, the comedic supporting role.  I’ve loved the comedic genius of that part since I was little, and could care less if it’s the lead.  It resonates with me, and to be blunt, I can rock her!  For dancing, anything goes as for interests as material goes, and most dance audiences will appreciate watching all forms of dance, as long as it is well done and with passion.  With my writing, yes, I’ll tailor things within the genre or form of writing and if submitting it somewhere specific, but other than that, in most cases and within that framework, I leave myself a lot of wiggle room to honestly not give a crap and write what I want, feel, and amuses me!

With my performing, I’d been away from it for a while and have happily been coming back to it more and more now, right now particularly focusing on training (various dance classes and workshops, vocal lessons, classes and workshops at the Walnut St. Theatre, and other misc. master classes including a Broadway one I just completed with legendary performer Joanna Gleason!

Starting in the fall onwards, I want to continue the training, but also begin auditioning for various shows and plays again.  With my writing, I used to do many types, but for now, I have been focusing on my poetry, most of which I’ve been posting on Twitter and sometimes on Facebook.  I will write poems about many things, but most fall either into romance or (twisted) humor.  Many right now also center around the characters I role-play here on Twitter, Snow White (from TV’s “Once Upon a Time”), and Lady Mary Crawley (“Downton Abbey”) and also their love interests.  The roleplaying has also been and interesting and valuable experience, fusing both writing and acting.  For those interested (and you can see in my bio as well), the role-play are @lissafair and @lissadove (both Snow White) and @BitchHeiress (Lady Mary).

I also finally let my dance friends coerce me into Facebook (it’s Melissa Hope- in Philadelphia- the background picture being Snow White.)  To stay in touch, but also to have a place for my dance videos, Etc.  I may, by the fall, take the advice of one of my teachers and set up a webpage with different pics, performance videos, etc. Still turning the idea over.

And that’s about it, what I’m willing to share anyway! :-)


Snow White Poem

Grumpy had a twisted heart

His statements would sometimes give Snow a start

She suspected him of wishing her and Prince Charming to part

When she caught him aiming at her husband’s neck

What looked like a tranq dart!


Charming did an unbridled “happy dance”

As the fair Snow White decided to give him half a chance

He had always taken up the firmest stance

That theirs could be a legendary romance!