Feature of the Week: Isotherme

Published on April 27, 2015

This week we feature, composer and musician Jeff Kirn better known as Isotherme, an active member of our #CreativeMondays Movement. Be inspired by his eclectic thinking and perspective on creativity and inspiration behind his creations.

My name is Jeff, and I compose and record music under the name Isotherme.

But it’s not just an artist’s name that I use for my music. Isotherme Is Other Me.

Creativity drives me—it’s my chauffeur.  But music is the vehicle.

I explore my creativity through electronic sound collage and within an approach that I call “ghost ambient”, which is an atmospheric spirit steeped in memory and nostalgia, and it’s given rebirth in aural art.  The notes and the chords that I write and the sounds that I use are manifestations of the past—past thoughts, past loves, past dreams, past lives– all rolled up into a grab at immortality.

Creative Mondays has given me an opportunity to share some of my ghosts with others who speak regularly to their own, and in their own way, chase their own immortality.

Music is escape to me. Music is life. Musical thought is reality. It’s often said that if a picture paints 1000 words, then music paints 1000 pictures. Music flows from the universe and has its way with us. It heals us, it moves us. It evokes elation and it evokes pain, too.

My music is often inspired by nature:  Blinding sun, swaying trees, falling snow, the earth’s darkness and the earth’s light. My music uses visual images as a catalyst. In many ways I’m a sound painter mixing colors, applying brush strokes, but knowing when to leave the canvas empty to express a musical thought.

My music is also inspired by poetry and poets: words dripping from the thoughts of gods and goddesses of verse. I harness that inspiration to compose a soundtrack to their own stories—-the perfect consummation of artistic bliss.

I am flame in your smile,

I am autumn’s orange luster.

I am the one peeling the sun for you.


I am yellow ochre mornings,

I am the sound of the breeze that sings you awake.


I am the warmth on your back,

I am sienna bluster.

I am the lost October wandering out to find you again.


My name is Jeff

And Isotherme is Other me.


Bandcamp: https://isotherme.bandcamp.com

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/isotherme

Twitter: @isotherme