Feature of The Week: Camille Wylde!

Published on April 6, 2015

This week we feature Camille Wylde, author, painter and poet and one of the #25Timspirational People for 2014. Camille has been a very active member of the #CreativeMondays community – writing poetry and producing stunning paintings every other week. Her work is erotic, sensual and has a depth and soulfulness that is undeniably beautiful. You will love her. She is enigmatic and endearing, charming and sensual… unmistakably beautiful and bodacious. Listen up and be wowed by her voice and her work.


Welcome to the Wylde Syde!

I am Camille Wylde and welcome to the Wylde Syde! Three parts wild – one part tame. That is how I meet life and how I write!

I am a Pisces through and through – I live by my emotions, intuition, and with abandon. I am a Wild Woman, Bodacious, Juicy with no apologies. I am a feminist that recognizes the sensuality that is all mine. I am strong, empowered, emotional, passionate, sensual, loving, caring, and bold! I do not apologize for who I am! I live it!

Being creative is my life! I may be a new to publishing my work and sharing my writing, but I have been writing, painting, and playing music since I was a little girl. This is the core of me and who I am. Each piece is a part of my soul.

Up until a couple of years ago, I had not been open to sharing my work. But I started searching for a place that allowed me to drop all of the mundane, non-creative things, and create! This year, Creative Mondays found me, and gave me that place to share. Creative Mondays gives all of us creatives the place to share our souls, our art with each other.

Most of the body of my work is erotic and sensual. It is about love gained and love lost. It is about those deep dark feelings and fantasies and fears of rejection and abandonment. I create from experience and from my heart. I create for those that are searching for their own sensuality, their own love, their own healing, their own sense of who they are.

For all of my bravado and my openly sensual nature and, yes, my wildness, I am a woman who feels emotions immensely – I hurt, I laugh, I love, and I get angry! I refuse to apologize for feeling! That is why I write erotica. It’s not about the sex, it is about owning that part of me that is sensual, beautiful, and unique. Opening to the sacredness of life, love, and just – being!

My first book, Dark Stranger, is in the final stages of rewrites and will soon be released. Dark Stranger is an immortal. He watched and waited for Nina to become her true beautiful self for many lifetimes. Nina is coming from a broken marriage and trying to rediscover her beauty finding it in his eyes. His eyes see her flaws and imperfections as absolute perfection.

My first poetry compilation, Echoes from my Soul, is also being completed. It is a journey into the sensual life. The exciting part? Being able to finally share a part of myself with you! Shall we dance?

I Reach for You

World crashing in

Tearing my soul apart.

The silence of the echoes din

Opens the door of my heart.


I reach for you and

There you are.

Pulling me back to your sweet land

Setting my world, healing the scar.


My heart, my soul, my spirit

This beyond mere lust.

To you, I submit

All that I am, with perfect trust.


In the Dark of the Night

In the dark of the night,

I call for you,

But the only sound is

The sound of my own breath,

Cold and alone, I wonder,

Do you think of me in the dark?

Or am I just a fleeting glance,

A mere glimpse of a shadow?

As I fade into the corners of your mind,

Will you remember our love?

What we were?

Or will you just smile and walk away?


Words of Love

Words of love,

Touches of joy,

Fingers of desire.

My body awaits

Your burning fire.

You are the poet,

I am the page,

Write your rhyme

On me.


Something to be Said

There is something to be said

About a woman and a man

Caught between worlds,

Locked in the passionate dance

Of the act of love,

Ever entwined in their embrace.

Not even the Gods would dare

Bemock this vision of bliss.


So, this is Camille Wylde!  I am so excited to meet you here!  I am Bodacious, Juicy, Wild – with no apologies!

I am emotional, passionate, sensual, loving, caring, bold.  I am Camille!

You can find more of my work along with excerpts of Dark Stranger at www.camwylde.blogspot.com.

Join me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/camille.wylde

Follow me on Twitter at my official author account at @CamWylde – https://twitter.com/CamWylde

To see other original paintings including those featured in the video, visit http://www.studiocrw.weebly.com.