Feature of the Week: Ana D’Apuzzo

Published on March 1, 2015

This week we feature contemporary architect, artist and designer, Ana D’Apuzzo, a passionate creative and part of the #CreativeMondays Fabric. We learn all about her background and passion, her source of inspiration, her perspectives and thoughts on creativity and some of the exciting work and projects. I’m sure you will be thoroughly inspired as you watch and read the excerpt below. It’s all about the love for #creativity that we all share. Keep #creating forward!

In this video you will see inspirational music – art – architecture interaction. First part of the video is showing atmosphere in my studio opera-art live event “Melodie dei colori” with soprano Jessica Sun, and second part of the video is showing interaction between my architectural designs and original music of sound designer Christopher Horstkamp through the project “Nutrient Rich”. Nutrient Rich is a convergence of two sound styles and reflects the harsh angles and gentle curves found in modern architectural design. Architectural design elements of the video were supplied by the Ana D’Apuzzo Studio D’Arte e Architettura of Ascona, Switzerland (www.anadapuzzo.com).

Artworks Compilation: Mengying Wang

About the Artist

As an artist and architect I am exploring the dimensions of creativity and the state of contemporary being through paintings and art installation that combine classical techniques and computer projecting. Born in former Yugoslavia in 1978, after high school I moved to Lisbon to study art and at the end I earned a Master’s degree in Contemporary Architecture.

I am a contemporary architect, artist and designer, currently in research of the connections between today’s art, design, fashion and architecture in theory and practice, through various media: digital, oil on canvas, acrylic, watercolour, pastel, ink, combination of techniques. I currently live, paint and work between the two shores of Lago Maggiore, Switzerland.

I enjoy any kind of interdisciplinary creative work where I can share my knowledge, learn more and collaborate with other talented and art passionate people: artists, musicians, designers, architects, scientists etc.

On The Concept of Creativity and Creative Mondays…

Creative Mondays is a great, innovative concept and place for inspiration and motivation. I searched and found a way to express myself in this creative world in a unique way. I can say that it is important to always try to pursue what you like, because life is too short for making compromises. Life of an artist and creative person is not easy, those who belongs to this world know why. It is an endless struggle and always asking the question “Why?” We should also appreciate that we are living in a time of equal rights and liberation and should be free and brave to follow our path. We are not able to control the luck and we cannot change the time, but all the rest depends on us individually: our ambitions, our visions and finally our actions.

This is a great initiative where you can share and increase your creativity, you and your work can inspire others and you will be inspired too.

Exchanging ideas, collaboration and visibility are essential.

Why do you create?

From the early age; I started to use water colors, since then a strong desire to paint and create never left me. My passion to paint evolved to a point where I wanted to paint any white surface that I would encounter in my house. My family and friends recognized the talent I had within me and believed I was gifted. During school and further pursuit in a higher education; I was exposed to different forms of art, but I could never decide in what direction to pursue. All I knew was that I wanted to be an artist and that my talent in art should be applied and be useful. That’s why I extended my art knowledge to architecture.

I wanted to learn new skills and help people, not just satisfy their eyes, but also to make good function below the good form and make their life’s easier and more joyful.

After many years of exploring, studying, traveling, searching, learning and working with others; I learned a lot about myself, purpose of my work and my capabilities. I can affirm that today as independent “creator” I feel absolutely free and complete. This feeling of freedom and inner completeness was not an easy journey, but it was exciting and still is.

Acknowledging and listening to myself; I embraced what I was passionate about and with the support of the people that love my work; I decided to open my studio. This decision was not easy because of the uncertainty of my future and what would transpire before me, as I ventured into this difficult and unfamiliar project I decided to build.

However, my intuition reminded me of the beauty that awaits me and that in every challenging moment I shall experience; there shall be something beautiful to crystallize emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I felt that these lessons will somehow incorporate itself into the creative world I would build that entailed no limitations for me and those around me.

Working in the fields of contemporary art, architecture, fashion and technology, I combine my knowledge to create engaging oil and acrylic paintings, paintings and graphics on cloth, watercolors on paper, digital prints on Plexiglas and 3D videos and visualizations. I enjoy to explore the versatility of mediums, to play with color, patterns, shapes and textures, creating captivating characters that shine through my canvases. Crown of this approach was series of lectures and workshops I held last year at Japanese art, design, fashion and architecture universities to motivate their students. Subject was human body, architecture, art and fashion around it. I enjoy to see when somebody enters my studio and jumps because of happiness, that’s happened many times, then I confirm to myself again that I am on a right way. I am happy too when my art makes other people happy.

Under the arts I consider architecture too, as queen of all arts

Sources of inspiration and who you create for…

Inspiration is everywhere, light, nature, science and brilliant people, like Nikola Tesla. I always wanted to do useful art, to make people happy. Through all shapes of art that are appearing in my portfolio you can notice one common line: impressionism art direction and architecture esthetics influence. From art to the architecture and again to the art the travel was amazing.  But the biggest step and key for the creativity was the freedom. Freedom is essential for a creative person.

Today I live in Switzerland, and already I am at my fourth year of working independently in my own studio and living my dream. My work embraces the synergy of various fields that I am interested in: art, architecture and fashion. I decided to use my theoretic and practical knowledge, my experience and my talent to create the foundation in whatever I decide to create. And for me this is what I have always wished and desired to do. However, I always remind myself that every day a new challenge will need to be conquered and that everything depends on me. Sometimes it can be hard, but knowing this is what I am passionate about reminds me to stay strong, stable and motivated.

Maybe I could achieve my goals earlier and in an easier way, but I am absolutely sure that all my forward and backward steps brought me to the current situation that I am in, which reflects the final result. Thus; I would do it all over again without any hesitation!

I believe that everybody has a purpose in this life and that the lucky ones are the individuals who have discovered it.

I can say that I was a lucky one. We are not able to predict the future but we can see the purpose of our life by living each day filled with passion for the work that we like to do and the people we surround ourselves with.

Upcoming projects and work…

I first started to work independently in 2008 in Zurich, with Ana D’Apuzzo Fine Arts gallery and then four years ago I opened the Studio d’Arte e Architettura in Ascona, a place for my interdisciplinary research and experiments where I usually organize “field” exhibitions. I am presently doing interdisciplinary research in Switzerland and Japan on the link between fashion, art and architecture and writing essays, publications and organizing workshops. At the same time I am trying to make this parallel visible in my work and this April I will have a solo exhibition of the paintings dedicated to art and architecture in Milan, Italy. This will be also an art – jazz music event. This summer I will present a series of artworks dedicated to the “Eye of Humanity” in one Locarno gallery; after that exhibition should travel to North America. Fashion collection 2015 inspired with my paintings is also ready. I’m preparing big solo exhibition in Japan for 2016. My works have been exhibited in various galleries and institutions around the world, such as LACDA (Centre for digital arts) in Los Angeles, the Lincoln Centre Gallery in New York, SCOPE Miami and the Tokyo Technology and Research Centre etc.

Creative Collaborations and Credits…

I would like to put accent to my recent collaboration with musicians, brilliant soprano Jessica Sun, talented sound designer Christopher Horstkamp and famous cellist Maxim Beitan.

This video is an example of interdisciplinary projects I’m doing where the artists that belong to different fields inspire each other and create something new.

Closing Thoughts and perspectives on Creativity …

If you want to be happy and appreciate your future, make other people happy too; it is very important to take the important decisions today. Every step needs to be taken with a thought about future goals and with an important question: “is this really what I want and wish for?”

You need to be honest, and strictly critical with yourself; you should always try to improve in your profession and in the everyday life. Education is endless, it is important to always be curious of life and to continue to learn, listen, and study and create.

Links and where to find my work and more info.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AnaDApuzzo1

Website: http://www.anadapuzzo.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/anadapuzzo

Twitter: https://twitter.com/studiodapuzzo

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ana-DApuzzo/70809713824