Feature of The Week: The Inner Critic Doll!

Published on February 9, 2015

This week we feature someone we all know, someone we all have lived with and even pay their rent for them upstairs!
Yes, I’m talking about the nemesis of every Creative Person, Our Inner Critic! In this brief feature we feature formally introduce and acknowledge this can over-active member the #CreativeMondays Fraternity….In this brief presentation meet the Inner Critic Doll, our #CreativeMondays Feature of the Week! Be empowered to create!

Who is the Inner Critic Doll?

Someone is holding you back. It’s someone that lies to you, puts you down and works hard to convince you that everything you try… will fail.

That ‘someone’ is the negative voice inside your head called… the “inner critic”. Do nothing and it could destroy your confidence… leaving the real, wonderful you trapped inside with all your hopes and dreams… unrealized.

Whomever you are…. a writer, public speaker, teenager or busy parent, its time for you to act.

Meet…. The Inner Critic Doll. 

Created by a Psychologist [Yes one of our very own #CreativeMondays creativists! ] this tool aims to help you confront your own negativity.

To use it, follow these three simple steps: 

One: hold it in front of you. This physical representation of your inner critic can give you psychological power over it.

Two: tell it that YOU are in control and that you don’t need anymore ‘so called’ advice…

Three: If the negative comments continue, just zip the lip on your inner critic doll and tell it to shut up!

Silence YOUR inner critic, today.


A Gentleman, Nolan Roger in Sydney, Australia bought the doll recently.. Specifically for a very special trip. He went to Everest Base Camp. He considered the trip to be a psychological battle as much as a physical one, and carried the Inner Critic Doll with him in his back pack. His plan: whenever he felt himself freaking out or losing confidence.. i.e. The little voice inside his head suggesting he give up.. he’d pull out the doll and zip the lip shut. A physical act to help him regain control and silence the negative dialogue that crept into his mind whenever he felt exhausted.

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