Feature of The Week: Mike Paine!

Published on January 26, 2015

His voice is unmistakable, his mission clear – get ready for it! Right from the first moment you will be charmed and enthused by His Voice. He is a man on a mission to tell the story from a different angle. Yes indeed Mike Paine is the Man behind the Mike and after you listen to him you feel you have known him all your life. Here and now be blown away by the man behind the Mike; an all consummate creativist and one of our own #CreativeMondays ambassadors…listen up!

Hi there! I’m Mike Paine! I’ve been working as a Voice Over Artist and Radio Personality for the past 27 years. I first got into voice over work back in 1987 because I thought it would be a fun thing to do. My first job was for a cable television provider in Dallas, Texas when a producer took a chance on a kid with zero experience. I did voice overs for restaurant and printing shop commercials…and I’ve been doing voice overs ever since! Here’s some of my very first paying voice over for cable TV in 1987 promoting a Mexican Restaurant in Dallas, Texas:

“Dinner at Frijoles, When you can have the finest Mexican food anywhere combined with terrific drinks and first class service, then why go anywhere but Frijoles?  So come and dine with us, at Frijoles, 114 at O’Conner, in Las Colinas“

Not too bad for a 17 year old! I started in radio as a producer for a Top 40 nationally syndicated satellite radio morning show. Shortly after that I became a part-time host and eventually full time host for the Z-Rock Hard Rock/Heavy Metal nationally syndicated satellite radio station as an 18 year old kid. My very first interview was with Ozzy Osbourne in 1988 and even though I was REALLY nervous I think it turned out ok..

Me: Z-Rock and the Mike Paine Show and the Ozzy Osbourne Show, how ya doin Ozzy?

Ozzy: Ah it’s great to be here at Z-Rock!

Me: Do you like to travel a lot?

Ozzy: got no choice, comes with the job

Me: what would you do besides being a rock and roller?

Ozzy: be a rock and roller.

Me: no movie starts?

Ozzy: Naah!

Me: The Trick Or Treat Religious Preacher, did they cast you for that role originally or..?

Ozzy: Well yeah I thought it was quite an ironic sort of twist to it I mean, I love doing see, cause whatever I say anything aw yeah the devil comes in many ways shapes and forms. He’s just saying he’s not the devil but he is the devil. So, be nice. We’re gonna play another song from Ozzy Osbourne this is off the ’83 LP Bark at the Moon, it’s the title track!

Ozzy: Aoooowwww!!!!

Mike: So rock and roll! Mike Paine and Ozzy Osbourne on..

Mike and Ozzy: Z-Rock!!!!!!

I am very proud of my radio career and I am still on the air today. I am the Program Director for AM 1420 WIMS in Michigan City Indiana as well as for AM 1060 WHFB in Benton Harbor Michigan. I report the news, do my own afternoon drive show and…no shocker here…voice lots of commercials and promos!!

Creative Mondays are a way for so many creative minds to channel their talents and share them with the world. It’s enlightening, positive and extremely uplifting to learn about so many gifted people. Creativity should be not only encouraged but shared and enjoyed for all who seek a way to express their dreams and passions. My wife Sherri is my support..she is my confidence..and she fuels my creativity! She also does voice work when she has time besides her 2 other jobs. I don’t know how she does it but she’s truly amazing! Without her I could never do any of this, thank you Sherri! J

As for my voice over work, I have voiced well over 2,000 projects heard worldwide and range from the voice of a Guided D-Day tour in Normandy France, narrating over 30 audio-books, plus countless explainer videos, commercials, movie trailers and apps. You name it I’ve voiced it! My favorite project is voicing the D-Day tour because it gives a voice to those who fought so bravely for their country. Their stories matter and I am so very proud to be a part of sharing history. Here’s what Andy Sutherland, owner of Bayeux Shuttle Multimedia Tours had to say about me on his Facebook page:

“There are so many people I am going thank for their contribution for making 2014 a success, but the unsung hero is Mike. For those of you who have toured with us, you will no doubt remember Mike; the voice over guy for our GPS tour system. He is an incredibly hard working American who helped with the content for our tours. This post is for you Mike and as always, thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Andy is awesome and I can’t wait for what 2015 has in store!

Whenever I voice an audio book it’s entirely different in the way I approach each narration. Once I get on a “roll” I want to narrate the whole book that moment and I have to stop myself from being over-anxious! I prefer narrating shorter stories because it allows the listener to really embrace the story and/or characters in a way that captures the imagination. It leaves you wanting more!  In this ever-changing fast paced society, it’s refreshing to know that people from all walks of life love to listen to an audio book to learn, to be inspired or simply as an escape.

Exploring an audio adventure can open up a whole new world to those who don’t like to read a book in the traditional way or even with a device. It almost channels that inner desire to hear a story told from someone else’s point of view! Look into an audio book as a new way of hearing a story told or even as a compliment to hear your favorite book come to life!

That’s really the focal point of every voice over project I do. I enjoy voice overs so much because it isn’t work at all and it gives someone’s dream a voice!

My 2015 goals include getting my own website going, voicing a documentary and, hopefully, voicing a few more video games! Oh and I would love to give your project a voice! Got a project for me? You can find me at pph.me/mikepaine or on Twitter @MikePaineShow. It was nice to meet all of you and share a little of what Creative Mondays does for me!

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