Feature of the Week: Duchess of The Shire

Published on January 19, 2015

Lovingly known as D.S; This week we feature the Quintessential Duchess of The Shire an all round passionate writer and creator of the Duchess of the Shire Blog and one of the founding members of the #CreativeMondays Movement and space on Twitter. She is also one of the #25Timspirational People for 2014. Her passion for writing is truly compelling and here you can catch up with all she is about in this inspiring feature. Be inspired to create!

I’ve used a pseudonym for so long as Duchess of the Shire, it now seems a little strange to write under my own name. The blog was the perfect catapult into the Twittersphere, and though it may never turn into the wonderful TV series I’d hoped for all those years ago, I will continue writing my fictional diary entries that have given much joy to me and intrigue to my readers. From my little corner of the internet my audience has grown and I love it when people interact with me from all over the world. I’ve never wanted to do anything but travel, write and read, so I have to admit to being incredibly lucky to have had these opportunities.


Social media is a double edged sword, but for me I’ve always found it a positive experience. Without Twitter I wouldn’t have had the delight of meeting like-minded people, through #creativemondays, #nanowrimo2013  and #amwriting.


Any collaboration with other creative people is a joy to behold, and thanks to the technological age we live in, no one is confined to their immediate contemporaries, we have each other across the globe. Even if I don’t always get the chance to write on a Monday I love being included in other people’s triumphs that get shared via Twitter. It gives people like myself the chance to share our work on a platform where we will be understood, encouraged and motivated, not ridiculed.


Being creative is something that is often dismissed because there are no comparable results. We live in a world where production and profit are margins with which to be measured, but those of us who take part in #creativemondays wouldn’t, and couldn’t, do anything differently. We were born to create. Success cannot always be measured in terms of financial value; completing #nankwrimo2013 is still one of my greatest achievements in terms of my writing, and I wouldn’t have had the motivation without #creativemondays.


I write because I love to write. There are stories in my heart and mind that I need to put on a page so they can take flight and breathe. I write because I can’t imagine a world without words, without stories and ideas.


Imagination is an endangered skill that needs to be cultivated and set free.


Having one person read my work, even if it’s just a friend who I’ve coerced with coffee and chocolate, makes me smile. Having work unread, that I’ve had the time to write, is no lesser rush. Finishing a piece of work that you’re proud of, it’s incomparable.


My writing is vast and varied; horror stories cultivated by @ahlephia, thrillers inspired by @smoran26, novels demanded by @nanowrimo and each one owing my motivation to @timitude and #creativemondays.


I’m always in the middle of several stories, the Duchess blog being my longest running endeavour, but I can’t see me slowing down anytime soon.


While I have breath in my body, I will find a way to write, to be creative.
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