Feature of The Week: Imani Njeri

Published on January 13, 2015

This week we feature the multi-talented Imani (Faith) Njeri; writer, photographer, passionate blogger and foodie; and one of the  #25Timspirational People for 2014. Imani has been a champion of #CreativeMondays right from the beginning and has inspired many to connect and indulge their creative flow.  Imani in Swahili means Faith, and in every way Imani epitomizes this in her persona and passion. Be inspired by the beautiful feature below and the brief bio about her.

About Imani Njeri (Faith)

I’m a young Kenyan who enjoys writing, blogging, reading, drawing, and doing music too. I’m a foodie so I enjoy writing about food as well.

Creativity is very dear to me because it’s my passion and it also leaves me very fulfilled. Creative Mondays has nurtured me to be a great writer and blogger and I will always support #CreativeMondays any time. The interaction with great bloggers is always a pleasure and I look forward to greater experiences with them.

The reason why I create is to encourage, inspire and motivate people to love God, people and life too. My sources of inspiration are: the Bible, nature, music, photography and life experiences. My target audience includes all Christians, young people, and foodies (yum blog).

Right now I’m a writer and editor with Upili Magazine where I write articles and poems to motivate and inspire high school students. My blog link is imaningeru.blogspot.com and I also contribute in writing food stories on blog.yum.co.ke

My Twitter handle is @FNgeru and my Facebook account name is Imani Njeri. Find me also on YouTube (Imani Ngeru).



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