Feature of The Week: Tom Cottar

Published on January 5, 2015
This week we feature Tom Cottar, singer-song writer, musician and one of the  #25Timspirational People for 2014. Tom has been a very active member of the #CreativeMondays community – sharing vibrant and catchy tunes such as my favourite ‘Beautifully crazy’ as well as tweeting witty thoughts and ideas. Listen up to Tom as he shares what he is all about; his passion, latest projects and catch the inspiration to get your Creativity Groove on..

Hi, I’m Tom Cottar, coffee addict and singer-songwriter just outside of Austin TX.

I write, record and perform, I’m involved in my church, leading a worship band called 2nd Mile

What do i do? Hope. Dream. Love. All art = putting a frame around a

moment. As a songwriter, I’m trying to put a frame, snapshot around a

moment in time. a feeling. a truth. Rather than a 2 hour Hollywood

movie, or a 500 page novel on the best seller list, I have 3.5 minutes

to connect the audience with moment. A feeling. A complete story. A

painter hangs his paintings on a wall, but a songwriter carries the

songs in his bones.


That’s one of the reasons I love our #CreativeMondays community…

we all carry the same yearnings in our bones. It’s in our DNA. I’m so

thankful to be a part of it…it’s the spark to the beginning of my week.


Everyone is so talented and encouraging…


When I was a child, I remember hearing that the Bible begins with ‘In the beginning, God created…’. I believe that as people created by Him, it’s our job to also create…I’m created in His image, so as an artist, my job is to create and bring light and hope into the world.

Whether it’s through music, watercolours, painting, comedy, drama,

architecture, literature….whatever….As creatives, we are the great,

flashing arrows in our culture pointing to things that are out of order.

And pointing to what is good and right and true.


Pablo Picasso said,

‘Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.’ I can sing a song to a

thousand people, and they will sing it back to me for 1000 different

reasons. That’s a beautiful thing.


For the longest time, I was afraid…paralyzed by fear, to consider

myself a real ‘songwriter’. I was working in Dallas, TX, in an office job.

The organization I worked for needed a theme song for an upcoming

fundraising campaign. Someone across the conference room yelled

out, “Hey! Cottar plays the guitar…have him write a song!” Everyone

just stared at me. Reluctantly, I went home and wrote a song over the

weekend called ‘Reaching Texas’. I snuck a rough demo of it into the

Executive Directors office on Monday, scared and a little nauseous…

LOL. He sent it out to entire office, calling it a ‘homerun’…and the

company paid me to go into the studio have it produced and

distributed.. It was like, “OK…I give in…I’ll really give this thing a try..


Why do i do it? I guess I can’t help it. I’m too afraid to find out what

would happen if I didn’t do. I do it To shine the light. To bring hope.

Music should strike fire in our hearts and create tears in our eyes.

Writing has brought me out of anger, depression, and hatred. It’s put

me in touch with parts of myself I didn’t know existed. It’s made me

want to be a better man and given me hope for our world.


I just try to create songs that are real. You try to write songs about

other people or humanity in general, and you always end up revealing

yourself in them. So you might as well be real about it. I’ve gotten to

the place where I just try to sit down with my guitar or at the piano,

and just bleed..heheh.


I’ve been blessed to get some recognition and awards here in the

Austin area..to perform with some amazingly talented musicians…play

on some famous stages…and even be featured on some local

television shows. It’s all very humbling to think that these little songs

connect with people….which is really what it’s all about…making

music that brings us together…connects us as human beings…music

that unites us with a common love and purpose.


I’ll go back into the studio in the next couple of months to begin

recording an album called ‘Music From Another Room’. If you’d like to

follow along, you can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, my blog,

or on the #CreativeMondays open space.

In the meantime, trust the creative voice you’ve been given.
Live on the edge of mystery. Don’t be afraid.


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